A belt that fits perfectly

All belts are custom made and unique. A quality belt has to fit perfectly. That is why you can order a belt from us which is accurate to the centimeter. How do you pass this on when ordering? Read the step-by-step plan below.

How do you know what size you need?

  1. Measure with belt
    Get a well-fitting belt. Measure from the inside (see picture) of the buckle to the hole you always use. This is your order size.
  2. Measure with a tape measure
    Do you want to measure with a tape measure? Decide whether you want to wear the belt on the waist or hips and measure this with a tape measure. This length is the order size.

*TIP: The buckle of a belt is usually worn in the 3rd hole of the belt (see picture). The strap shouldn’t be too long but there should be enough room to tighten or loosen the belt.

Precise and unique

We want our belts to fit perfectly. That is why we offer our belts in 1 cm increments. 

Finding it difficult to choose or to measure your belt size? Or is it a gift for someone? Then choose a safe option and give a gift voucher or contact us for advice via info@atelierdegroot.nl or call us: 0517-430760.