Heritage belts

Heritage belts are custom made belts made from Bridle Leather. This leather has been tanned in a traditional way in Devon, England and has been tanned like this since Roman times. The cow hides are tanned with oak bark in vats. The tanning process has hardly changed in centuries and takes a lot of time, it can easily take a year.

After tanning, the hides are planed and finished to soften the leather and give it a lighter colour. The leather is then ready to be used. The finishing is done by hand using classic hand tools. The leather is fed on both sides with traditional oils and fats, making the leather supple and strong. A whole process, but the result is impressive: a very strong, robust piece of leather of the highest quality. This type of leather is mainly used for high-end accessories and professional equestrian sports.

We only use leather from the renowned company J&FJ Baker & Co Ltd. They are the only company in the UK that still uses real oak bark in the tanning process as well as genuine, traditional tanning techniques.

Years of wearing pleasure

In our workshop we make men’s belts from this beautiful leather in a traditional way. The belts are cut with an antique plow knife. The edges of the belt are then rounded with an edge knife. The buckle is stitched on by hand, so the buckle is attached tightly. The brass buckle completes the belt. This combination of traditionally tanned leather and traditionally made belts create a special belt of exceptional quality. Due to the use of natural waxes and oils, a white haze can appear on the leather after a while. You can simply wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth. This is a sign of honest and genuine Bridle Leather. Leather is a natural product, so the character and appearance can differ per belt. Each belt is unique.

Types of Heritage belts

The straps are available in black and dark stain oak bark. You can also choose from the widths 3 cm, 3.5 cm and 4 cm with a thickness of 3.5 mm to 4 mm. Of course, we make your belt to fit you exactly. Not sure what belt size you have yet? View the step-by-step plan for measuring your belt size here. Would you like advice before making a purchase? We are happy to help you; contact us.

Check out the other types of belts

We make various types of handmade belts in our workshop: that’s why we have the perfect belt for everyone. In addition to the authentic Heritage belts, we have the Hebbich belts in the same style. Looking for a belt with a cool design? Then take a look at the Stoerens belts or, something completely different: the Nolstalgy belts. Fun fact: we printed advertising from the 50s on this belt!