Hebbich belts

Are you looking for a casual belt without frills? Then the Hebbich belt is perfect for you. This belt stands out for its simplicity and is made of beautiful quality leather with a solid buckle. Gerberei David Schmid from Germany produces this beautiful, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather himself. This durable leather has a thickness of 3.5 mm to 4 mm and has a beautiful natural pattern.

Pleasing to the eye

We punch the parts of the belt from the leather using an old punching machine. To get a nice finish, the edges of the leather strips are sanded, painted and polished. The attachment for the buckle and the looper are made thinner with a splitting machine. The buckles are then attached to the leather. The buckles for the Hebbich belts originate from Italy and France and are made of brass, stainless steel or a zamak alloy.

Types of Hebbich belts

We make the belts in the colors black, dark brown and cognac. You can choose from widths 3 cm, 3.5 cm and 4 cm. Your belt will be custom made to fit you perfectly. Not sure what belt size you have? View the step-by-step plan for measuring your belt size here. Would you like advice before making a purchase? We are happy to help you; contact us.

Check out the other types of belts

We make various types of handmade belts in our workshop: that’s why we have the perfect belt for everyone. In addition to the beautiful Hebbich belts, in the same style but with a different type of leather, we have the casual Heritage belts. Looking for a belt with a cool design? Then take a look at the Stoerens belts or, something completely different: the Nolstalgy belts. Fun fact: we printed advertising from the 50s on this belt!