Leather belts

The traditional leather belts from Atelier de Groot are tailor-made for you in our workshop in Harlingen, Friesland, directly by the Wadden Sea. For this we use premium eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather from Germany and the United Kingdom.

We make our leather belts in different styles and widths, from sturdy belts with studs to casual hand-stitched belts. Our belts are made to last and develop a beautiful patina over time.

Atelier de Groot’s leather belts

Hebbich belts
The Hebbich belts, Frisian for 'attractive', have beautiful, finely grained quality leather with beautiful subtle buckles. A classic, quality belt for any kind of occasion.
Heritage belts
The Heritage belts are genuine, artisan crafted quality belts made from Bridle Leather, tanned with oak bark, hand cut and hand stitched. Made according to ancient craft.
Nostalgy belts
The Nostalgy belts, Frisian for ‘nostalgia’, are leather belts in which we have incorporated advertising from the 1950s: a real eye-catcher.
Stoerens belts
The Stoerens belts, Frisian for 'tough', are made of extra strong, characteristic leather with hand-stitched details and/or studs. A belt that stands out.


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Vegetable tanned leather belts

Vegetable-tanned leather is leather that is tanned in the most sustainable way possible. The leather has a luxurious, natural look and is very strong. Our belts are durable in both the manufacturing process and in use. The raw materials for the tanning process are made from tree bark, leaves and wood and are renewable. The cowhides from which the leather is tanned are a by-product of the meat industry. This means you don’t only have the best quality leather belts, but you also stimulate a sustainable production process by real craftsmen with a love for the profession. Read more about the production methods of the durable leather belts here.

Made-to-measure belts

Our leather belts can be ordered to size, which is accurate to the centimeter. For example, if you have measured your size and arrive at size 97, then we will make the belt for you in size 97. No long extra wrap, but a perfectly fitting belt. Curious about your size? View our measurement instructions page here. Would you like to give a belt as a gift, but don’t know the size? Then give a gift voucher! Just as easy and fun!